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October 1, 2014
Cash Flow Management Techniques

The old mantra that Cash is King is even more important in today’s economy than […]

The 10 Key Financial Reports Every Company Should Use

  There are thousands of financial reports that your company can write and use, but […]

Documenting Company Business Processes

There are 6 reasons to document company processes. Understand the steps required to complete a […]

Measuring a Company’s Stability and Success

As discussed in the 1/1/2010 Blog called The 10 Key Financial Reports Every Company Should […]

Creating an Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual

An accounting manual is an important tool that all companies should create and maintain.  An […]

Independent Contractor or Employee

Small and medium sized businesses have been put on notice by the state governments.  Most […]

The Importance of Reviewing Internal Controls

Due to the severe economic downturn businesses are required to reduce staff and cut operating […]

Deciding on a New Accounting Software System

An accounting software system should not be simply used for recording and storing company transactional […]

Market Share at the Expense of Profitability

A new company is highly motivated to obtain clients, thereby, bringing in cash to support […]

Change the Old Saying “Let the Customer Beware” To “Let the Service Provider Beware”

If a company offers credit terms, sooner or later it will encounter a customer or […]

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