How We Fit

All businesses – from start-ups to thriving companies – need contract CFO services to help prepare for their futures. But most owners of small and medium-sized businesses lack the time, energy, and resources to perform these tasks in-house. By choosing Consult Your CFO, you save time and energy by not having to fret over your finances.

Consult Your CFO’s mission is to help small- and medium-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic region ease the burden of financial management. We achieve this mission by streamlining accounting processes, training key staff members, and making ourselves available to meet clients’ every financial need.

Since 2007, our goal has been to set your company on the path to financial security while providing you more time and energy to spend on other aspects of your business. Here’s how Consult Your CFO can benefit you:

  • Our Complimentary Consultation lets you articulate your goals and make sure we’re committed to doing the work you need us to do.
  • Our Flexible Meeting Schedules save you time and give you the freedom to meet with us when you’re ready.
  • Our Virtual Structure gives you immediate access to your temporary CFO/Controller – whenever you need him or her.
  • Our Commitment to Your Privacy means that your outsourced CFO/Controller will never share or compromise your confidential information.
  • Our Easy Transition to your new CFO saves you time, money, and frustration by allowing you the time to choose the right candidate the first time.
  • Our Fair Billing Structure means that you will never be charged for extra work that you have not authorized us to do.

With an average tenure of 25 years in the CFO/Controller realm, each member of our team is passionate about working with business owners just like you. Call us today at 410-371-0821 to get started!

When can Consult Your CFO help your business?

Every business grows and matures through a discernable lifecycle. We have found that in every stage, from the first seedling to the established service to the decline, businesses require competent CFO knowledge and expertise. This graphic illustrates the types of services that we provide during every stage of your business’s life.